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"Mobile cinema: a new koine for young Euromediterraneans to foster peace and tolerance?"


36th CICT-UNESCO Award “Enrico Fulchignoni” with the Fellini UNESCO Medal





“The Mediterranean, as a melting pot of conflicts, religions, cultures and inequalities among 

peoples and continents, can take advantage of all the present innovations to facilitate a convergence between stakeholders – television, cinema, communication, social media and others – to favor new creative cultural syntheses, especially among the young.”

(Final Declaration, 24th Euromediterranean Conference on Cinema “The Mediterranean as paraphrase of the world”).

As crossroads of three continents, cradle of great religions and civilizations that reverberate world cultures, the Mediterranean constitutes a synthesis of world crises and opportunities, very often not adequately expressed nor fully exploited. Millennia have molded its borders and socio-political and cultural expressions. Now, the digital wave is re-defining the role, shape, and mission of the Mediterranean community. With flows of new people entering the region also come new visions, traditions, prospects and… challenges. 

Born out of the Barcelona Agreements, the Euromediterranean Conference on Cinema confirms its mission as a bridge between cultures and peoples and the relative telecommunication and audiovisual systems. In its 26th edition, on the topic “Mobile cinema: a new koine for young Euromediterraneans to foster peace and tolerance”, the Conference will explore the new cultural dimension that emerged with the advent of digital technologies and offer guiding principles for a significant encounter of people, civilizations and dialogues. 

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