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The main activities of ICFT are as follow :

In order to stimulate creation and promote creators, ICFT exchanges information, organizes conferences, seminars and international symposiums, develops and supports events such as festivals, exhibitions, retrospectives, etc.

In order to honor the original cultural policies, the innovative educational programs and the high-quality creations, ICFT convenes the juries and awards prizes in a number of important international events.

In order to foster knowledge sharing and the access to the culture by the largest number people, ICFT aims to promote ownership and leadership of new communication technologies.

In order to encourage the research, restoration and preservation of the audiovisual heritage, ICFT offers consulting support to the organizations working in these areas.

In addition, ICFT and its members maintain relations with the United Nations, ECOSOC, FAO, IFAD, UNDP, ITU, UNICEF, EU (the MEDIA Programme) et European Council.


ICT Village, Madagascar, 2007



Relations with the Secretariat of UNESCO



Relations with the Members of CICT - ICFT


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