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ICFT, as an official partner of UNESCO, intervenes according to its mandate within UNESCO's fields of competence. Since UNESCO is not a funding institution, this partnership is essentially of an intellectual nature.


UNESCO consults ICFT on the Draft Programme and Budget and the Medium Term Programme. When the General Conference of UNESCO adopts these programmes, ICFT participates in their implementation.


ICFT is entitled to follow the debates of the governing bodies of the Organization - Executive Board and General Conference - and is invited to join their working groups.


The main ICFT partners are the Culture (CLT), Communication and Information (CI) and Education (ED) Sectors.

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  • ICFT is actively involved in the implementation of and the important debates of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions with the Culture Sector.

  • At the request of the Creative Cities Network Programme, ICFT examines the film and digital art files of candidate cities.

  • ICFT collaborates with the Silk Roads Platform in developing audiovisual projects with cities along the ancient Silk Roads, some of which are listed as tangible, natural and or intangible World Heritage sites.

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Communication and Information

  • In order to celebrate World Audiovisual Heritage Day - 27 October - for which the Communication and Information Sector (CI) is responsible, the ICFT has been organizing events and conferences in line with the theme in Macau, together with the SAR-PRC authorities.

  • ICFT participates in the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) and the Information for All Programme (IFAP).


  • Benefiting from the Participation Programme (PP), ICFT held a training workshop for trainers, communicators and filmmakers on the culture of peace and a training seminar for the production of multimedia messages, aimed at audiovisual journalists from countries in the West African region. A video was produced on the theme of emigration « Towards a Search for Peace » filmed by young emigrants from Africa. This documentary was widely broadcast.

  • ICFT supports the Education Sector's media and information literacy and culture of peace programmes.



ICFT participates in the forums, activities and programmes of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, which represents all official NGO partners of UNESCO. The Committee implements the recommendations adopted by the International Conference of NGOs (ICNGO) for the strategy of collective cooperation of NGOs.

Each year, the ICFT international jury awards its prize to films reflecting UNESCO's objectives (Culture of Peace, Tolerance, Intercultural Dialogue) as well as the UNESCO Fellini or Gandhi Medal at festivals such as the MOSTRA Venice Film Festival, FESPACO, IFFI, FICA, UNICA. In addition, in the framework of most of the festivals, ICFT organizes conferences, seminars and workshops.


A representative of ICFT is a member of the Advisory Board of the World Capital of the Performing Arts programme initiated and organised by the International Theatre Institute (IIT-ITI) in collaboration with UNESCO. A representative of the ICFT secretariat is a member of the Luxembourg National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (appointed by ministerial decree).


ICFT participates, in line with its mandate, in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs-UN)

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