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54th International Film Festival of India - GOA 2023

ICFT International Film Prize with the conferral of the UNESCO Gandhi Medal is awarded to the film presented at the 54th International Film Festival of India, Goa

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At the press conference held on Sunday, November 26, CICT-ICFT Representatives (Serge MICHEL, Xueyuan Hun, Rizwan Ahamd and Manouj Kadaamh) announced that the winner of the ICFT - UNESCO Gandhi Medal would have been announced at the closing ceremony of the 54th International Film Festival of India on Tuesday, November 28. During the ceremony, the Festival Director presented Serge MICHEL and Xueyuan HUN with the commemorative plaque of the 54th IFFI on the stage of the Goa Stadium.


This year, the ICFT International Film Prize was awarded to 



directed by

Anthony Chen


Director Anthony Chen was awarded with the ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal along with the official diploma of the Prize by the five-member jury set up by the CICT with the following motivation: 

"An emotional portrait of an immigrant woman who seems condemned to wander by the traumatic and terrible reality of human madness.

Her encounter with another woman beautifully draws the lines of hope and resilience."

His film "DRIFT" was one of ten works selected by IFFI and submitted to the CICT. 

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