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Relation between CICT-ICFT and its Members


The ICFT Members are responsible for their missions, at the same time, a large part of their activities coincide with the mandate of the ICFT and therefore that of UNESCO.


These are to:

  • Stimulate and promote creators, ICFT exchanges information, organizes conferences, seminars, international symposiums, and master classes, develops and supports events such as festivals, exhibitions, and retrospectives;

  • Honor the original cultural policies, innovative educational programmes and high-quality creations, ICFT convenes juries and awards prizes in several important international events;

  • Foster knowledge-sharing and access to the culture by the largest number of people, ICFT aims to promote ownership and leadership of new communication and information technologies;

  • Encourage the research, restoration, and preservation of the audiovisual heritage, ICFT offers consulting support to organizations working in these areas.


For further information regarding the Programme and Activities of Members please refer to their websites.


Soirée Méliès - 100 ans of Journey to the Moon at UNESCO - Mr. Matsuura, former Director General of UNESCO and Ms Malthète Méliès (granddaughter of Méliès) et Bahman Ghobadi, Iranian film director, Juin 2002


« Science sur la Place » Place Saint Marc, Venise, Co-organized by la Radio Télévision Italienne, les Rencontres internationales Image et Science and ICFT

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