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Stories from SIGNIS Projects

Every year, SIGNIS screens project applications on media training, equipment, and production for subsidy from Propagation of the Faith. This has allowed us to support many communications or media education projects at the service of local churches in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and apostolic vicariates in Latin America over the years. Recently, we decided to launch a new series of articles to share how these projects have benefited the local communities! Discover these wonderful stories of hope from applicants from all over the world who submitted their projects through our portal!


Radio Sans Frontières is a radio station from Mozambique. Father Fonseca Kwiriwi, CP, explains how vital the funds are for the radio and its crucial role, especially in a period of crisis and conflict in their province of Cabo Delgado. Read more

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The Diocese of Nakhon Sawan in Thailand created a six-day training programme on social media. Fr. Thomas Thossapon Narinruk tells us how the programme teaches the youth media literacy skills and help them gain knowledge on the dangers of social media and misinformation. Read more

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The Archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya, asked to receive support for the production of audiovisual programs and training. Fr. Raphael Kanga tells us how radio and video productions will help educate people on peace-building initiatives, children's rights, substance abuse and human trafficking, among others. Read more

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